#WeAreDAO Campaign #15 - thinkDecade


ThinkDecade has a wild repertoire of experience. He had a job in the banking and finance world, in the fintech area. He launched his own company while still in college, eventually he dropped out to pursue his idea but he came back to finish his studies. 

Ever since he started learning about crypto, he has come to believe that it's a disruptive technology that is creatively destroying legacy systems to empower anyone to become self sovereign, from finance to whatever we can imagine. i.e, whatever crypto can disrupt, it will!


ThinkDecade is among the OGs of Bankless DAO, tracing back his entry to early 2021. He has been a contributor to various nodes, guilds and projects. 

Currently he is the admin of the Education Guild and is supporting research projects in the Research Guild. He is also the project/governance coordinator for Bankless Africa


He is bullish on bDAO because of "How big the ambition of Bankless DAO is". He also believes that on the bDao team are some of the most skilled people in the entire crypto ecosytem. He thinks that education and the overall culture of bDAO is key. 


ThinkDecade likes to read about a variety of topics and watching documentaries so he can continue to expand his knowledge. As a curious person, he likes to explore new things and experiences. 

His biggest hobbie though, as he puts it, is "DAOing" - just working with Bankless, trying to expand the community and provide the world with valuable crypto education.