22 April 2022, Friday

Bankless Turkish Youtube Channel

Bankless Turkish being active for 6 months, started their youtube channel in Feb 2022. Since then they are teaching the Turkish audience about how to gain financial freedom in the DAO ecosystem. 

First video of Bankless Turkish is an introduction about who they are, what is Bankless DAO and why wanted to share it with the Turksih community

Bankless Turkish is focused more on jobs in DAOs because Turkey is a high (super high) inflation country and people need to earn any currency other than Turkish Lira. At this point Bankless Turkish share their knowledge about earning crypto by doing jobs in DAOs. 

"My best crypto investment is myself" raybankless.eth

Work in a positive social environment, get paid fairly and earn crypto to support your finance or even just turn full time in DAOs and become a DAOPunk. Bankless Turkish paves the way. Following their channel people from the Turkish community started being more active in DAOs and new frens started join more confidently knowing that they are not alone. 

Bankless Turkish will continue their efforts on onboarding the next 1 billion frens in to the exosystem in all social media. Check out their twitter and instagram accounts and start following to be come a DAOPunk yourself.