13 May 2022, Friday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #1 - ANATECH


From Mexico and studied International Business and Commerce. She was in logistics but when she learned about crypto and found out about bDAO, she left her job to be full time DAO. Started learning more about marketing and crypto now, she loves what she does. 


Marketing Lead at the IMN Project of BanklessDAO; also a part of Translators, marketing and design guild. She has been in bDAO for 6 months and already made it to Level 2 by contributing to the DAO!


She says that bDAO has given her so much. She met incredible people and learned many things. BanklessDAO helped her find what she loves to do. 
Bullish because bDAO it's one of the most organized DAOs she knows, there is many cool projects!


Running, swimming and Indoor Cycling.
Food and eating dishes from all over the world. 
Read Patricia Benito poetry.