09 September 2022, Friday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #10 - Marvel


Marvel used to be a US Marine engineer officer on active duty for 20 years. He worked for a small electronics manufacturing company for 9 years and as operations manager for 3. And he also spent almost 20 years working with startup companies in the USA.


Marvel is one the 5 ombudsman team members and has been since the team was created. His term expires in August. He has been in the Operations Guild, Marketing Guild, Education Guild and Research Guild. He has also worked on the Sobol project, 1stQuestProject and as a facilitator of the New Joiners Sessions. He also has helped as Fight Club liaison to the Marketing Guild and worked with Talent Coordiantors with weekly general office hours.


He is bullish on bDAO because of the Mission, Vision and Values that align with his decentralized global paradigm shift to a fairer monetary system. As the oldest member of the bDAO and probably any DAO he has been accepted to a unique position and role.


He enjoys listening and attempting to contribute my experience and judgement when and where it is needed. Marvel feels validated by this incredible global community.