09 September 2022, Friday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #11 - Cyclist


Cyclist is an Engineer by profession, working in the Construction industry, not related to crypto space. DAO movement and Bankless community attracted him to the space, with its horizontal organization, where each community member's voice is heard, which provides a great environment for new ideas. 


Cyclist joined BanklessDAO during Season 1, in August 2021. He started with Weekly Rollup translations, and in October 2021 he came together with other contributors to form the International Media Nodes project, which started in Season 2. 
Currently, Cyclist is the BanklessAdria IMN champion which covers four countries in the Adriatic region (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina). 


Last year, when he joined the space and started looking at DAOs, bDAO seemed as the only DAO that is going for true decentralization and pushed for new solutions in the decentralization process, to overcome issues that token voting and community voting bring. bDAO formed GSE, he is bullish that this will bring a most efficient solution for decentralized governance, and set bDAO as a prime example of how future DAO should be structured. 

bDAO has provided him with an opportunity to lead a Media node and has helped him recognize the power of a decentralized and tokenized community, with active members and a new ownership model.


Cyclist likes spending time in the nature, walking, and hiking, cycling regularly, and is used to running half-marathon races.

He is a proud husband and father, two kids (a toddler and a baby), they are now his inspiration, and the children's playground is the usual afternoon space. Cyclist is located in Serbia, Central Europe. 40+ age old, he likes sports, reading books, and has a curiosity for all new things, especially technology-wise