09 September 2022, Friday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #13 - Liquidiot


Liquidiot worked in education up until he went "full-time DAO" in November of 2021. He also has a background in voice-over and photography.


Liquidiot is currently the Production and Technical Lead for the Podcast Hatchery, and he has held various roles in the AV Guild since Season 1. Additionally, he is one of the project leads for The Rug - Crypto News. He has been in the DAO since May 2021.


Liquidiot is bullish because as a DAO, we are here, we are building it. We are new. We are not mainstream. Mainstream thinks we are out of our minds, but we know we are part of the future of organization. This is the time for experimentation, for growth, for building momentum. We are laying the foundation for infinite possibilities. DAOs are a nascent movement, a new concept and way of doing things, and bDAO is at the forefront of this movement. bDAO is this movement. That is exciting. That is bullish.


Enjoys reading, photography, video games, hiking, and anything with two wheels.