09 September 2022, Friday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #14 - LANY


Lany studied management with focus areas such as HR, International Business and Marketing. Currently she works as a consultant within Tech. She started her crypto journey in spring 2021 by trying Polygon for the first time and listening to Bankless podcasts. After half a year, she decided to join BanklessDAO.


Lany is a part of the Translators Guild, also engaged in the International Media Nodes as one of the core contributors in the German Bankless Node. She is really interested in the topics Member Onboarding and Engagement, so in S4 she contributed to the Guild as an Onboarding Documentation Manger. In S5 she became a role holder as a Members Point of Contact.


Lany likes everyone's engagement and commitment to really change something for good within bDAO. For her, that is what crypto and blockchain technology is all about so she is fully aligned with BanklessDAO’s mission and vision to onboard as many people as possible and to give everyone the chance to use a fairer set of tools. Discussions with other members have helped her gain a deeper understanding of our society and macroeconomic environment and she enjoys learning new things every day.


She likes to spend lots of her free time in the crypto space. Besides that, she enjoys reading, e.g. macroeconomic books and outside activities like long walks and fitness.