09 September 2022, Friday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #14 - P8UL.ETH


He has a business management background having worked as an international project manager. In terms of crypto, P8ul learned about the space in late 2017 and has dived deep into it ever since.


P8ul is currently the Translators Guild Coordinator as well as a member of the Grants Committee where he was recently elected as the committee's co-lead. He also founded BanklessDE - the German arm of Bankless - back in September 2021 and is actively involved in their daily operations.


As a member from day 1, he has witnessed the tremendous progress the DAO has made in the past year. He really appreciates that there is so much talent, amazing ideas and hard working people around and strongly belives that this unique environment gives him no choice but to be bullish on BanklessDAO.


He loves spending time with his wife and kids first and foremost. Besides that P8ul is also interested in all tech-related things: from crypto to photography to electric cars. Though he doesn't have much time for it anymore he is into kitesurfing as well.