24 May 2022, Tuesday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #2 - RAYBANKLESS


Before bDAO, he was the co-founder of a textile company until he sold his shares to his partner, and went to Cambodia. Following 3 years of tourism, he returned to his ex-company to support their e-commerce efforts. Twitter posts about web3, NFTs, and DAOs made him curious about 'the future of work'. That's when he got involved in BanklessDAO, and started contributing!


A DAO Cartographer mapping the organizational chart of DAOs using Sobol tools, Project Manager in the Translators Guild, Grants Lead in the International Media Nodes project, and father of a beautiful girl!


Bankless nont only taught him what a DAO is and how one lives in a DAO but also helped him gain more confidence and find his financial freedom.

Bullish because he believes in his frens, in himself, and in all their passion to make BanklessDAO go skyrocket into the moon by sticking together, working together, and having fun together!


  • Mixing coctails
  • Playing house music in his DJ set
  • Scubadiving