10 June 2022, Friday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #3 - ORNELLAWEB3


Music, communications and technology. Ornella has worked with artists for the past 15 years in many areas, bookings, productions, marketing, branding, and more. Always in small teams, thus many hats, but even more passion. She's tried to focus on doing things she really can connect with or feels 100%


Ornella is currently active as Talent Coordinator of the Marketing Guild and Translations Guild, and just recently she's joined the team at Bankless Academy to work on building the Explorer Community. She has been around for 7 months already! bDAO has taught her many things: consistency to follow her dreams and persevere. On the technical side, it has taught her all she knows about web3. Every day is a boost of knowledge, spirit, purposeful work, and vibes. 


Community ownership is everything. They say it's the future, but it's already here. BanklessDAO is the best example and takes the lead as the first and biggest media DAO. Every amazing human that puts in the energy, is what makes it grow, and the connections we have altogether, just makes it unstoppable. BULLISH. 


  • Learning new things
  • Discovering new music
  • Dancing like noone is watching
  • Late night talks about space and the universe
  • Long walks at the beach or in the woods