30 June 2022, Thursday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #5 - CRYPTOREUMD


CryptoReuMD is a Mexican rheumatologist who is still working as a successful investigator. After losing some money in crypto last year, he decided to learn all about it. And once he got engaged with Web3, he started making YouTube videos to teach people how not to be scammed. Then he met AnaTech in DAOist Mexico, and started contributing in BanklessDAO. CryptoReuMD is still helping people as a moderator and content creator in a team called Espacio Cripto. All this journey led him to be a speaker talking in recent convention about 'How to be in a DAO'!


CryptoReuMD is a member of BanklessDAO's Translator's Guild as well as International Media Nodes. He is also in charge of bDAO's Spanish podcast team where he coordinates the episodes and translates/edits texts. Having started DAOing in 2021, CryptoReuMD has been actively contributing in BanklessDAO for 3 months.


CryptoReuMD started to listen to David and Ryan a year ago, and was amazed by the idea of a DAO that covered teaching, learning, and helping people. He believes bDAO has everything needed to achieve anything; coordination, decentralization, regenerative finance, grants, humanity, kindness, and willingness to help people. Bankless gave CryptoReuMD confidence, friends and knowledge. He is bullish because he believes that we can do what we love to do in a free manner at BanklessDAO.


CryptoReuMD loves learning and reading. He is also into video games when he finds the time. But above all, he is a family guy who loves to do anything with his kids!