30 June 2022, Thursday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #6 - HIROKENNELLY


Hiro's professional journey so far has been seriously versatile; dishwasher, launderer, waiter, barista, bartender, teacher, lawyer, writer, full-time DAO!!


The real thing Hiro's trying to do in bDAO is help build up people and projects by leading with his heart and bounding that wild terrain with his brain. More practically, he coordinates and ships the Weekly Rollup and Decentralized Law and writes and edits for our newsletters, Editorial and Publishing Arm, and Client Services. He meets up and helps new contributors as the Talent Coordinator for the Writers Guild, and is heavily involved in two related projects, DAOPunks and Good Morning News. He has been lurking in the DAO since Genesis, but really started getting his hands dirty since late summer/early Fall 2021.


Hiro's never met more brilliant and beautiful humans, nor has he seen such collective and dedicated holistic intelligence. We are learning how to DAO, figuring our what it means to be an incubator of people and projects. As individuals, we are discovering what it means to bring value to the places where we contribute and projects we help build. The bear market has focused our teams and inadvertently centralized certain parts of the DAO right when we needed a bit more focus. We are building with the right people at the right time, and he is beyond confident that as we learn from ourselves, the ecosystem, and our comparative place in the history of people and ideas, we will emerge as one of the success stories of this crypto cycle.


Hiro enjoys gardening and hiking, biking and skiing, playing a bit of guitar and banging on the drums, or hanging with the fam. He loves to steal a few minutes for jazz or old indi music, a quick workout or dog walk, or to catch a few minutes of rest while reading a book or magazine by natural light.