30 June 2022, Thursday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #7 - TREWKAT


Trewkat has had a few different professional journeys before joining the DAO. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Design, she worked as a live events coordinator in Australia. She also worked in retail for a little while before she decided to become a librarian which led her to go bacj to University for a Masters in Information Management. She has been working as an academic librarian for a decade now.


Trewkat is currently active in the Writers Guild. She is a staff editor for Bankless Publishing and the Newsletter teams within the guild. She edits the Weekly Rollup every week and manages edits for incoming articles from a variety of authors.
She also maintained a presence in Design, AV, Research and Education guilds as they are close to her heart and has held roles in the Research and AV guilds.
She has been in the DAO for 10 months now.


The amazing people she has met on bDAO have made Trewkat bullish, she knows where all the smart people have gone to.  She believes anything can be accomplished if we work together and this is because of the broad range of experience and expertise we have.
She actually checked our bDAO because she heard it was a great place for people to feel welcome in Web3 without needing technical knowledge and she confirmed that it was true. She feels lucky to have learned so much from the generous people who share their knowledge about DeFi, tokenomics, Web3, NFTs, smart contracts, liquidity pools and the list keeps going on, here in bDAO.


Amazingly, her hobby is BanklessDAO.
So Cool!