30 June 2022, Thursday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #8 - TAYLANS.ETH


TaylanS is experienced mainly in the fields of strategy, finance and marketing. His professional career of 25 years includes services in different types of organisations such as academies, the private sector (textile, automotive, media), the public sector (government organisations) and NGOs.


TaylanS has been actively contributing to bDAO in Translation Guild and IMN-Turkey and bearing the black flag for five months now. He is delighted to have found a competency-based and flexible professional work environment, collaborating in a very positive atmosphere. It has been a massive opportunity for him to go deep into the crypto economy through Bankless publications over his educational background in economics.


TaylanS believes DAOs are changing the way professionals are creating added value. DAO-ing enables a network of key talents to establish a decentralized shareholder culture through a shared treasury perspective. Rather than rigid job descriptions for routine work, competency-based DAO work makes people feel valued and thus improves quality work.


Okay, he may not be a rockstar but is a huge music enthusiast on a semi-pro level. He plays live and composes music in a wide range of genres from rumbling rock and heavy metal sounds to minimal electronic dance music and jazzy pieces. He loves creating graphic designs, audio/visuals, managing the bands’ social media and following NFT projects.