14 July 2022, Thursday

#WeAreDAO Campaing #9 - René


René has a major in Economics, and held various roles in a bank in Europe as an auditor, head of accounting, and digitization and change management. He is currently working as the Head of Growth in a start-up, helping it to scale as quickly as possible.
His first encounter with Bankless was through the BanklessHQ videos, followed by joining the DAO around time it was founded. After observing the DAO for 2-3 months, he started to be more engaged, and now he is successfully dealing with multiple significant roles focused on the community.


René has been an active contributor in BanklessDAO since last September. He is a member of the Grants Committee, Coordinator of the Project Management Guild, and Operations Workstream Lead for the Bankless Card Project.


The first element making René bullish on bDAO is the cohesiveness within the community, making him enjoy working for his projects. He felt even better about what he is doing in the DAO when he met people from Bankless in real-life at Permissionless. Creativity is the second factor for his bullishness driven by the size of DAO attracting a lot of people with quite diverse skills and amazing ideas.
Thanks to bDAO, René is much more interested and inclined to be self-employed now, and believes in the possibility of working and having fun at the same time. He is also very glad to be working on something shaping the future of technology.


He is doing cross-fit daily which takes a lot of his time. And René is about to be a father, which he believes will be his favorite hobby!